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Monthly Events
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First Friday of the Month
Our monthly play party. Come out in your gear or nothing at all and get it dirty.

Second Friday of the Month
VML's club social. Come out to our space in the back of Pumpjack to hang out with old friends and new ones. Stick around afterward to enjoy the DJ and the great new space that is Pumpjack's.
Jan 3, 2015
Jan  9, 2015
We wanted to thank all of those you supported us last weekend for our 10th Anniversary Weekend. We filled Pumpjacks for the Friday Social and the Saturday Fetish Fest and had over 120 people at our Hard Again Dance at 8x6. That was one of the largest crowds that they have had for an event there!

It was great to see Seattle represented at our event with members from SML (Seattle Men in Leather) and Sea-PAH (Seattle Pups and Handlers) coming up to join us. We are looking forward to returning the favor and going down to join them as well. 

A special thanks to Van-PAH (Vancouver Pups and Handlers) and Rubbout for putting on the Fetish Fest with us. It was great seeing everything so busy and seeing new people coming out and to join and explore with us.

Thanks again to all of you kinky men that came out to make the weekend great. We really enjoyed seeing all of you out in your gear and making it such a hot and sexy party.​

Thanks for joining us for DECADE!