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Monthly Events
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​VML Gear Night                                  May 8, 2015
Pumpjack - 8p 
VML's club social. Come out to our space in the back of Pumpjack to hang out with old friends and mmnew ones. 

Third Ring on the Harness                 May 23, 2015
​Pumpjack - 8p
Third Saturday of the Month
Pumpjack`s contest night. This month is `Best Sports Gear` hosted by Van-PAH`s Figaro

​Drill Night                                           May 23, 2015
8x6 - 9p
Drill night at 8x6. Get out your military gear, the camo jockstraps and get ready to stand at attention. Join us for our Military themed play night, more gear, more toys, more sweat
​Whistler Retreat                           June 19-21, 2015

Our first Whistler retreat of the year is here. From June 19-21, join the Vancouver Men in Leather for a weekend of comraderie, gear and play. 

Get out your uniform, pull on that camo jockstrap and get ready to stand at attention. Go hunting or be hunted.

Drill Night