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Building on the success of our first Whister retreat of the year, we are going back for our final Whistler run Sept 11-13 . Join the Vancouver Men in Leather for a weekend of comraderie, gear and play. Not just a weekend away, demos and workshops, toys and gear make the weekend a full experience.

Sign up is first come first serve, so get in early to reserve your room.
Whistler Retreat
Monthly Events
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Gear Night                           Friday, Aug 14, 2015
Pumpjack - 9p
​VML's club social. Come out to our space in the back of Pumpjack to hang out with old friends and make new ones. 

Wreck Beach Picnic              Sunday, Aug 22, 2015
Trail #7 - 2p-5p
VML is hosting a picnic, bring a hat! Come join us down on Trail #7, turn left towards Lickey Dickey Point. How much can fun can a group of naked kinky guys in on the beach with trees get up to?

For the early birds, we will be setup from 10a so come out and soak up the sun!

Jocks and Harness              Thursday, Sep 3, 2015
8x6 - 8p
It may be September but its still too hot, let's go down to basics with our jockstrap and harness play party. Don't just watch, bring your equipment. St Andrew's cross, ropes, benches. Lots of places to tie a boy down to and have some fun. 

​Whistler Retreat                     Sep 11-13, 2015
Final month to signup! Signup online or in person at any of the above events.